Hello and welcome to my site.


My name is T Fallon, aka Durianaddict, and I'm a Finnish artist and illustrator located in the US, IN.

I started creating art in 2015 after I had just moved to the US. I started by creating custom work for friends and family (mostly pencil portraits). I also worked with Tombow USA to design their product package for a pencil set. Soon after that  I transitioned to colorful marker art and created some custom portraits and cover art for albums. 


I self published my first adult coloring book Trippy Chicks in 2017, available via Amazon & Etsy, and my second coloring book Healing Crystals came out in spring 2019, also available via Amazon & Etsy. In summer 2019 all of my coloring pages were released in issue #50 Bohemian Beauties by Colouring Heaven (Anthem Publishing).

Right now I'm experimenting with gouache and oil paint and looking forward to work with some galleries and to find a publisher to release new coloring pages. 

You can see some samples of my work on my social media pages or on my gallery page.


T Fallon